I'm made of
fallen leaves

We know for sure how to replace plastic bags.

I'm made of
fallen leaves

We know for sure how to replace plastic bags.
The Releaf Bags
We use Releaf Paper to produce sustainable and chic bags for daily use

Size range

We produce paper bags with width 220-450mm and 270-450 mm height. 80 gsm density paper goes well for smaller bags, for larger sizes we use 120 gsm paper. We also offer manufacturing of bags with exclusive product design and 170 gsm paper as an option.

Printing on the bag

Releaf Bags have all necessary propertief for print applying: brand logo, QR-code, contact info, moto etc. Black paint suits the best for craft however applying of any other colors is possible as well.
All Releaf Bags contain information about manufacturer and also reminder message that not any single tree had been cut during its manufacturing.


As an option, Releaf Bags can be equipped with twisted craft handles which are also recyclable and fully biodegradable.
The Releaf Bags are gluing along tall side, have excellent depreciation rate and support weight up to 8 kg in state of motion.

Production milestones
Print applying
Print is applied on paper surface based on approved mockup. Printing is applicable for individual orders with MOQ 10.000 ocs or more
Workpiece production
Special machine produces workpieces from paper with print applied in accordance with approved mockup
Product manufacturing
Workpieces are assembling together into bag, sticking together and adding a handles. Ready products packed into corrugated boxes traves to their conscious owner
17 trees

We save while we manufacture every 1 ton of paper from fallen leaves
2,3 tons

Of leaves we utilize during manufacturing of each 1 ton of Releaf Paper
78% CO2

Emission less comparing to traditional paper production
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