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The world's first manufacturer of sustainable paper from fallen leaves

Our mission
About 3.1 MLN HA of forest is cut down for paper production every year. We believe that trees should grow in the forest, humanity should breathe oxygen and paper should be made of fallen leaves.
The Mission of Releaf Paper is manufacturing of sustainable paper from biowastes without harming the environment.
Our aspirational goal is to replace using wood cellulose with leaves fiber to the greatest extend of paper mills across the world.
How much nature is worth?
Together with our clients and partners we change the approach for packaging supply and satisfy growing demand without harming the planet. In cooperation with global brands we promote an idea of sustainable alternative to extermination of ancient forest for paper.
Using fallen leaves and recycled fiber we get paper in the production of which not any single tree had been cut.
17 trees

We save while we manufacture every 1 ton of paper from fallen leaves
2,3 tons

Of leaves we utilize during manufacturing of each 1 ton of Releaf Paper
78% CO2

Emission less comparing to traditional paper production
We produce
sustainable craft paper for: printing, wrapping goods, manufacturing of paper bags and corrugated packaging and other paper products.
Leafy fiber
as an element of achieving new product properties

Releaf Paper is made of leaves that come to production from urban ecosystems of cities. It allows to solve an issue of biowastes disposing in cities and preserve the integrity forest eco-systems.

Leaves cleared of debris are loaded to special chemical reactor where influenced by phisycal & chemical processes fibers are extracted. Pulp is backwashed several times to remove third-party elements.

Fibrous cellulose is mixing with biological filler. Paper machine gathers up thoses masses into entire canvas and than dries into rolls of paper.
Our Customers & Partners
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